AdolescenceAstarte (Trip MiX)
Astral KinetiX (Nitroglitch Mix)Beat of the Rising Sun (Trip MiX)
Astral KinetiX (Trip MiX)FRINGE Theme Song -Paranoid MX edit-
BABYFRINGE Theme Song -SUPER Paranoid MX edit-
Bubble TankFor The First Time In Forever (Bad ReMiX)
Cathedral ChaosHello Eileen
DOOM RIFFHighs x Lows
Do You Want To Build A Snowman? (Bad ReMiX)Let It Go (Bad ReMiX)
IncontinencityLEVEL 1
Incontinencity (Clean Mix)LEVEL 2
Knight NightLEVEL5 -judgelight- (tripSide MiX)
LEVEL 3Lithium Crisp
Mistake EnsembleLove Compressed
OLD SLAKELove Memoir
only my railgun (tripSide MiX)Love Source
Order CathedralLove Triangle
Progressive SafariLove Triangle (English ver.)
Rebel AristocratMaternal Gangsta (2nd MiX)
Roll MaelstromMister Warren
Serenade BountyNumber ChaotiX
Symphonic FOCKupPerilous Triangle
Victorious DefeatPrimitive Association
Vortex of RepetitionRedemption
Windy NightService Desk
Walking on FireSpeed Grinch
Ze Baron BleuSpice Up Your Life (Death MiX)
The Elderly Gamble
The Revival
The X-Approach
Valentine Belated
Valiant Red
When Doves Cry (High Speed MiX)
Wo De Fei Ji
You Make Me Feel...(Trip ReMiX)
Ze Baron Bleu (Long ver.)
Ze Baron Rouge

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